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Conversations on Belief
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Caranam [userpic]

As I work on my PIF (Pastoral Information Form)there is this question that is increasingly occupying my thoughts.

How do you choose a church?

Many people simply stay with the church they grew up in. If they move, they don't ever really find another one. I know some that test drive churches: they go to several different ones and sit through a service to see if they can find their niche there. Does that work?

From my side of things I know that one of the biggest issues for Presbyterian churches at least, is getting new members. But looking at it from the other side, how do people new to a town find a church? What is it you look for? What is it that immediately turns you away from worship?

As a side note to the other pastors on the list, when you are seeking a call, what do you look for? What catches your interest and makes you look again?

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Caranam [userpic]

In an attempt to get some more discussion in this community and because I have to defend it shortly before a committee, here is my Statement of FaithCollapse )

So my question is, what do you believe? A lot of my belief structure is influenced by my background and schooling and some of it is just what I've always felt made sense. So, where does yours come from?

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Caranam [userpic]

I was mulling over a sermon of a similar subject matter awhile back and I stumbled across this sermon by Madeline L'Engle while researching it. It was so close to what I was getting at and said so much better than I could, that I merely saved the text for my own reading.

So now I offer to you Madeline L'Engle's The Mythical BibleCollapse )

Ladybutt [userpic]

This is something I wrote a couple of days ago. It's not religious per se, but it came from working on charity projects on Easter Sunday...so there *is* a connection, really! :)

What charity means to meCollapse )

Caranam [userpic]

For my first offering, I bring an old sermon that seemed an appropriate start.

One of my favorites of the ones I've done, this one is based on Mark 9:14-25. For those who don't know it, a man begs Jesus to heal his son.

You believe . . .Collapse )

Caranam [userpic]

This community started as an idea.

What if there was a livejournal church? Would anyone care? Be interested enough to see what was being written there? Want to participate themselves?

The hope is for the community to be a place for people to offer up prayers, sermons and discussion questions in a respectful manner.

As with all communities of faith, members are expected to treat one another with care and respect. Disagreements are part of the nature of faith. Fighting or abuse is not and if persisted in will result in those involved being banned from the community.

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