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Conversations on Belief
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May 2007
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Caranam [userpic]
What do you believe?

In an attempt to get some more discussion in this community and because I have to defend it shortly before a committee, here is my

I believe God is beyond what we can comprehend or describe. We can only see God in part. We glimpse God through the moments of love and joy and caring, that is, in the best of what it means to be in relationships with others. We glimpse God when we stand with the Psalmist and look at the wonder of creation.

I believe we see God most fully in Jesus Christ, who was born fully human and remained fully God. By preaching and teaching, healing the sick and forgiving the sinners, welcoming the outcasts and loving those who hated him, Christ showed us how we should live. Jesus suffered our pain and was crucified, because of sin. In so doing, he healed the separation that our sins had created between God and us. God resurrected Jesus Christ, giving us eternal life.

God created the world good. Every person regardless of race, creed or sex, is equally important to God and deserves to be treated as a beloved of God. Yet we sin against God and each other, violating and shattering the community that God has created. We destroy the planet that we were created to steward. We harm each other in violation of what God intended for us. We deserve God's anger for our actions. Yet God acts with mercy and grace, loving us more than we can understand. Nothing we can do will destroy that love. Even if we turn away from God, God remains, eagerly and lovingly awaiting our return with open arms.

The Holy Spirit is God, present with us. The Spirit inspires what is best in us, showing us how to live as God intends. We know how God wants us to live because of the witness of Scripture. Scripture speaks to our lives by the power of the Spirit. The Bible is the divinely inspired story of God and God’s work in the world. The Church’s challenge is to carry the witness of the Scripture to the world. The Holy Spirit works on the Church so that challenged and strengthened by each other, we will live out that life that Christ showed us to live. We come together in worship to praise God and to be renewed in our faith. Through the Sacraments we affirm that we belong together with God. The Sacraments are inspired by the Holy Spirit and witnessed in Scripture.

I believe that just as the past belongs to God, so does the future. God is with us in our future efforts, calling us towards a more perfect way of life. In the end God has the last word for the world and for us. The destructiveness and sin in the world are not the end, for God seeks to bring us all to an existence of fullness and wholeness. In God we find new life.

So my question is, what do you believe? A lot of my belief structure is influenced by my background and schooling and some of it is just what I've always felt made sense. So, where does yours come from?

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